'How many hours do you think you have been alive?'

We make Maths come alive by showing how important it is in everyday life - a vital tool in working out how long it's going to take to save up for that new computer game or measuring the ingredients for a chocolate cake.

Our teaching is based on the new National Curriculum but not limited by it. It uses everyday life situations as well as structured play, activities and discussions to introduce key concepts. We use our diverse environment, both in and out of doors, to test and explore concepts in meaningful situations.

A combination of class, group, paired and one-to-one teaching enables us to identify at an early stage any children who are struggling and make sure we give them the necessary extra support. We also identify those children that need extra challenges; nurturing their natural curiosity to explore mathematical concepts deeply and apply them creatively.

Our aim is that all children should leave The Paragon with good basic numeracy, an appreciation of mathematical pattern and structure, a confidence in their ability to use Maths to find the answers to some of life's challenges and, importantly, an enthusiasm for lifelong maths learning.

Achievement in English and Mathematics is particularly strong.

ISI Inspection Report