Staff Contact List

Good communication between staff and parents is essential.

Please find staff email addresses listed below:

For Reception and all general enquiries call 01225 310 837 or email

Headmaster: Mr A Harvey

Registrar & Head's P.A.: Mrs R Braithwaite

Fees Clerk: Mrs A Rabbitts

Deputy Head/Head of Pastoral Care/ICT: Mr D Barratt

Head of Teaching & Learning/Learning Support/Multiculturalism: Mrs C McLeod

Head of Learning Support: Mrs K Mason

Learning Support: Mrs E O'Connor (currently on Maternity leave)

Learning Support: Mrs J Wright

Y6/History: Ms F Bromley

Y6/Outdoor Learning: Mr T Isherwood

Y5/Girls' Pastoral Care: Miss R Barnes 

Y5: Mr C Guest

Y4/Personal Development: Miss H McGuire

Y4/RE: Mr M Hinde

Y3/Geography: Miss H Fry

Y3/Science Mr G Millar

Y2: Mrs S Greig

Y2: Mrs L Bloom

Y2/English: Mrs R Grinyer

Y1: Mrs S van Gerwen

Y1/DT/Environmental Coordinator: Ms L Gibbons

Y1: Mrs M Williams

Reception/Maths: Miss S Roberts

Reception/Head of Pre-Prep: Mrs S James

Squirrels Nursery: Mrs B Hughes

Music: Mr S Bryant

Sport: Mr T Goodman

Sport: Mrs R Alsop

French: Mr V Ramond

Art: Miss A Hucks

Philosophy: Ms G Perrin

Librarian: Mrs F Clague:

Marketing Manager: Mrs A Trump

Camp Teepee:

Paragon Art School:

The excellent relationship between staff and pupils is characterised by mutual respect and genuine warmth where each pupil is known and valued as an individual.

ISI School Inspection 2011
Beccy Hughes