Staff Contact List

Good communication between staff and parents is essential.

Please find staff email addresses listed below:

For Reception and all general enquiries call 01225 310 837 or email

Headmaster: Mr A Harvey

Registrar & Head's P.A.: Mrs R Braithwaite

Fees Clerk: Mrs A Rabbitts

Deputy Head/Head of Pastoral Care/ICT: Mr D Barratt

Head of Teaching & Learning/Learning Support/Multiculturalism: Mrs C McLeod

Learning Support: Mrs L Caesar

Learning Support: Mrs E O'Connor 

Learning Support: Mrs J Wright

Y6/History: Ms F Bromley

Y6/Outdoor Learning: Mr T Isherwood

Y5/Girls' Pastoral Care: Miss R Barnes 

Y5: Mr C Guest

Y4/Personal Development: Miss H McGuire

Y4/RE: Mr M Hinde

Y3/Geography: Miss H Fry

Y3/Science Mr G Millar

Y2: Mrs S Greig

Y2: Mrs L Bloom

Y2/English: Mrs R Grinyer

Y1: Mrs S van Gerwen

Y1/DT/Environmental Coordinator: Ms L Gibbons

Y1: Mrs M Williams

Reception/Maths: Miss S Roberts

Reception/Head of Pre-Prep: Mrs S James

Squirrels Nursery: Mrs B Hughes

Music: Mr S Bryant

Sport: Mr T Goodman

Sport: Mrs K Whyte

French: Mr V Ramond

Art: Miss A Hucks

Philosophy: Ms G Perrin

Librarian: Mrs F Clague:

Marketing: Ms C Thursz:

Camp Teepee:

Paragon Art School:

The excellent relationship between pupils and staff mean that their questions are listened to, and pupils broaden their knowledge from informed and patient responses.

ISI Inspection Report - Sept 2017
Beccy Hughes