Camp Teepee

Outdoor adventures in the holidays

The Paragon is delighted to be able to offer Camp Teepee, our fun-filled outdoor adventure day camps, in the school holidays. Camp Teepee is open to children from all schools from the age of 6-11 years of age. Our next camps will run in February half term on 21st and 22nd February and in the Easter Holidays from 16th-18th April 2019. book a place today!

These exciting day camps have proved extremely popular. 100% of parents and children agreed they would recommend Camp Teepee to their friends. “Camp Teepee is totally awesomely cool.”

The children learn new skills, develop their confidence and have a great time in a safe outdoor environment. Each day they make something to bring home as a memento – as well as a pile of muddy clothes and a huge grin. lighting, trails to buried treasure, campfire songs, smelly potion concoctions, raft building for a crew of jelly babies, wooden stick carving, camp fire cooking, wild drumming, woodland detective games, shelter building, fireside jam doughnuts, sculptures, clay creature crafting... and so much more...

Don't worry, there's access to toilets and clean drinking water within the main school buildings: we don't go completely back to nature!

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Can't thank you all enough. The kids haven't stopped talking about the camp. Loved absolutely everything about it so difficult to get them to prioritise their favourites. But, in no particular order they said they loved the staff (great fun and thoroughly welcoming), face painting / tribe / survival games, all the cooking on the open fire, how everyone was open to the kids ideas, the making things / creative moments.

A happy parent
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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at Camp Teepee for another wonderful half term of fun. My son had a wonderful time again. It really is a unique and fantastic club and everyone's hard work is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Another happy parent