School Fees

School Fees as from September 2016


Years 3,4,5 and 6, including lunches: £3,245 per term


Years 1 & 2, including lunches: £3,090 per term


Full Time, including lunches: £2,915 per term

Squirrels Nursery:

Full Time, including lunches: £2,780 per term
Part Time: Per Day: £555 per term
Per morning without lunch (until 12 o'clock): £300 per term
Per morning including lunch (until 1 o'clock): £410 per term
Per afternoon: £250 per term

Please note that we can only accept Squirrels children for lunch when they reach their second year of Nursery (ie the year immediately before they join Reception).

Registration Fee:

(non-refundable): £100

Please Note: A full term's notice is required before the removal of a pupil. In default of so doing, one term's fees in lieu of such notice will be charged.

Learning Support:

£36 per 60 minute session

Instrumental Music Lessons:

£22.50 per lesson

Bursary Policy:

Bursaries are awarded according to the Prior Park School’s Means Tested Bursary Policy in response to parental need, either to relieve difficulty in the family of an existing pupil, or to enable entry to Prior Park by pupils whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees.

A Bursary Application Form is required from the parent(s) as a statement of the family’s financial position. The Finance and Business Director will be delighted to discuss individual applications.

Sibling Discounts:

Number of childrenEldest2nd Child3rd Child4th Child

Discounts apply right across the Foundation, so that families with, say, a child at Prior Park College and one at The Paragon will qualify. The entitlement will start in the term when the second or subsequent child becomes full-time.

Payment of School Fees

Fees are due and payable on or before the first day of each term. Late payments increase the school's costs and affect fee levels for all parents. The Trust reserves the right to charge interest on outstanding balances. Interest at a rate 1% will be added on a daily basis from the second day of term.

There are four ways to pay your fees and extras:

  • By cheque payable to 'The Paragon School' on or before the first day of term.
  • By bank transfer to the account of 'Prior Park Educational Trust - The Paragon School Account', account number: 70073296, sort code: 20-05-06 (Barclays Bank PLC). Please ensure that the pupil's name and account number are quoted on the transfer details.
  • By Direct Debit. 


  • Some children may be eligible to receive funding from the Government under its Early Years Entitlement Scheme. If eligible, the funds are paid directly to the Paragon to help meet the cost of nursery and reception costs. The pupil becomes eligible for funding during the term of his or her third birthday, up to and including the term he or she reaches 5 years of age. This entitlement is subject to change and is outside the control of the school. If you would like any further information about the Early Years Entitlement scheme, please contact Alison Rabbitts, the Fees Clerk for Prior Park College and The Paragon.

Child Care Vouchers

Child care vouchers can be used to pay for the holiday activities provided by the school, such as Camp Teepee, Paragon Art School and The Holiday Lodge.

They may also be used towards school bill fees for children up to the age of five. Child care vouchers can only be used up to and including the term in which the child is five (which is line with Early Years Entitlement).

We accept the following child care vouchers:

  • Computershare Voucher Services: Ref no: 8099973
  • Sodexo Ref no: 821738
  • Edenred Ref no: P20344739
  • Care-4 Reg no: 42197885
  • KiddiVouchers Ref no: 22613
  • Fideliti Ltd Ref no: The Paragon School
  • Gemelli Ref no: PA2630
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