Discover, celebrate, evaluate and strengthen on British Explorers Day

The Paragon’s prep children had an amazing British Explorers Day learning about some of Britain’s greatest, historical explorers, including Ernest Shackleton, Mary Kingsley, Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain Scott.

The day was designed to encourage the children to:

  • Discover what it takes to be an explorer
  • Celebrate the achievements of some of the world’s most courageous men and women
  • Evaluate risk
  • Strengthen team building skills

We were delighted to welcome Victoria Humphries, parent to ex-Paragon and now PPC pupil Ben, who came along to share her experience of being part of a world record breaking all women relay expedition team that journeyed to the North Pole. Victoria came with her expedition sled and lots of photos from the expedition.

The children had the opportunity to ask Victoria lots of questions including “What was your biggest obstacle?” (“Not giving up”); “What did you enjoy most?” (“Being part of a team, where each member has different strengths and weaknesses and working together to achieve our goal”).

Victoria finished her presentation by telling the children that whilst they might not be going on a polar expedition any time soon, they will face challenges and obstacles every day and that they should look to tackle them head on. “It is better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all”.

We were also very lucky to have Lieutenant Colonel Tim Harper from The Rifles and father to Danny, with us all day helping on our army activity. Lt Col Harper was able to provide some wonderful insights into army survival skills.

Throughout the day, the children got to take part in a series of activities from building tents and shelters out in our woods, boiling water in a kelly kettle, creating expedition posters, learning navigation and world geography, to creating pottery hands embossed with patterns inspired by explorers.

At the end of the day all the children came back together in the hall to share what they had learnt about their explorers, including:

Shackleton kept failing, but he never gave up. He showed huge amounts of perseverance.

Danny, Year 6

Raleigh tried to find gold, but found potatoes! But we should be grateful to him as without his discovery we wouldn’t have chips and crisps!

Leo, Year 5

And what they learnt about themselves from the day:

I learnt that I should never give up.

Blossom, Year 5

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