James Shone, I can and I am

A highligh of last week was an inspiring talk by James Shone to pupils in Years 5 and 6.

Some years ago, James was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumour, just after being appointed Head of Monkton Prep, and he had to step down as a result. He now speaks to children, parents and staff about the importance of young people believing in themselves and he emphasises that everyone has gifts.

He told The Paragon pupils that life if full of ups and downs, to treasure what that do have rather than what they don't. His talk was full of wisdom - when a storm hits your life to look Up, look Forward and look Out - UFO rather than DBI (down, back and in).

It was very powerful, producing a buzz in the classroom and the staff room.

It was like a term's worth of assemblies in one morning.

Paragon Teacher
James Shone

I can't do it becomes I can't do it YET.