Miss Scott made a surprise visit to assembly to share her experience of teaching in Nepal

The whole school were treated to a surprise visit from Miss Cordelia Scott, Year 5 teacher and Head of English who has been on sabbatical and has been travelling in Asia.

Miss Scott (now Mrs McLeod!) came in direct from her travels with her backpack still on and shared some wonderful insights with the children about Nepal.

The children had the opportunity to hear from Mrs McLeod about the similarities and differences between schools in Nepal and The Paragon. She explained about the Nepalese children’s daily routine, including how they don’t start school until 10am, but they attend school six days a week! She also had some mementos from her trip, which some of the children showed to the rest of the assembly, including prayer flags, a silk Khata (scarf) and Dhaki topi (hat).

We look forward to having Mrs McLeod back.