Trumpeting our fundraising success for Save the Elephants!

The school recognised 'Elephant Appreciation Day', with a number of activities which also tied in nicely with celebrating how much we have raised to date for our school charity, Save the Elephants.

The day started with an assembly from Mrs Clague about all things elephant! Mrs Clague explained why elephants are so important to their environment – not least in helping to provide water for other animals and maintaining biodiversity. She then went on to tell the children about how the money that they have helped to raise over the last 12 months is helping to support the work of the school’s charity, Save the Elephants.

Our fundraising money helps Save the Elephants to fund projects to track elephants in the Samburu Reserve in Kenya; to survey the elephant population; to protect their habitat and to educate and work with the local farmers so they can live in harmony with the elephant population.

At the end of the assembly, we were delighted that Catriona Mould (on behalf of the PTA) and the school was able to present a cheque for £10, 099.55 to William Lacey. Mr Lacey kindly accepted the cheque on behalf of Save the Elephants as unfortunately they were too busy to fly over, but they sent us a personal message which Mr Lacey read out to the children:

“Save the Elephants are overwhelmed by the amount which The Paragon’s children and PTA have raised during the 2016-17 academic year” and they expressed how beneficial and vital these funds will be able to enable them to continue their amazing work and help to safeguard the future for elephants in East Africa.

Also in recognition of Elephant Appreciation Day, Crescent House kicked-off are fundraising efforts for the new school year with a dress-down day. Children were asked to come in dressed red, green, white and black – the colours of the Kenyan flag! A brilliant idea to support the fundraising efforts for Save the Elephants and Elephant Appreciation Day! We are still totting up the donations, but we believe we have raised over £215 and we would like to thank all the parents and pupils for their continued support.