Wow! We've been earning lots of DoodleStars all summer!

All our children have put in a fantastic amount of work during the summer holidays to keep their Maths skills fresh.

At The Paragon, we love to teach the children Maths in a variety of ways, and one tool at our disposal is DoodleMaths. DoodleMaths is an engaging App that our children can access at home on their home computer or tablet, as well as when they are at school, to complement their learning. 

Over the summer holidays, many of our children have kept their Maths skills fresh by working on DoodleMaths problems and earning DoodleStars as rewards in the process. The children are then able to spend their DoodleStars on creating their own avatars!

Head of Maths, Miss Roberts has been keeping track of how all the children have been doing and has been sending out postcards over the summer to those that have been the Top Doodlers each week. And during assembly this morning Miss Roberts congratulated all the children for their efforts and gave out some prizes to those children that had been working particularly hard. In Pre-Prep, a special mention must go to Daniel, Zac and Bertie and in Prep, to Daniel, Joseph and Rory. Year 4 pupil, Matilda also deserves a special mention as Matilda has managed a 146 day streak of logging in and working on DoodleMaths problems! Very well done to all the children, we are sure all their teachers will notice how much their Maths has improved over the summer.