Wow, what interesting jobs our parents have!

We were delighted to welcome Year 1 father, Mr Dave Rigg to deliver a whole school assembly about his job.

Mrs Gibbons, Year 1 class teacher and Eco Club Leader had arranged for Mr Rigg to come in and speak about his job in the marine energy sector as Head of Operations at Atlantis Resources Limited. Mr Rigg spoke to The Paragon children about the different forms of renewable energy and in particular about how marine energy is generated.

Some of the children had the opportunity to bring a marine turbine to life by demonstrating to the rest of the assembly the roles of turbine, gear box, generator and the water in generating marine energy!

Then the children had the opportunity to ask Mr Rigg a number of questions, including how do you decide when to switch a marine turbine on? Where is the best place in the world to place marine turbines? How does the energy get converted into electricity?

Finally, Mr Rigg and Mrs Gibbons announced that we will shortly be launching a competition for the children to enter and create their own water turbines. Details to follow in the coming weeks in the Weekly Bulletin.

“We are so grateful to Mr Rigg for coming in and sharing. And it was great to get the children involved and bring a complex topic to life in such an engaging way.”

Mrs Gibbons, Year 1 class teacher and Eco Club Leader