Year 4 Camp to Naturesbase

This term, Year 4 went to Naturesbase in Wales. It is the seventh time there as a school and we love the place!

It is fair to say that a few children were a little apprehensive about going. However, they all went and they all came back happy, feeling more confident and emboldened.

This year, the children learnt how to do fire-lighting, orienteering and make art with natural objects collected on the beach, as well as taking care of the chickens, lambs and pigs on the farm.  

For some, looking after and organising their kit was the greatest challenge. For some, the most exciting part was sharing a tent with their friends...the first night was quite cold and was a real challenge to keep warm! Most children made significant strides towards being a team player and a more rounded, independent person. It was also huge fun with lots of laughter! It always is!

We choose Naturesbase for a number of reasons. Although it is quite far away, it has a very homely and warm feel to the place. Also, the activities, whilst challenging, do not take the children too far out of their comfort zone.

To see more photos from the trip, click here.

We were very proud with how the children tackled all the activities with 100% enthusiasm

Miss McGuire, Year 4 Class Teacher