Year 6 VI Paragon pupil completes her 100 sports in 100 days challenge!

Back at the start of the summer, The Paragon School's Year 6 pupil Hester took on a huge fundraising challenge to attempt 100 sports in 100 days and in the process was looking to raise funds to support her skiing team, the Outspan Rebels at their next VI ski training camp in October.

As everyone that comes into contact with Hester knows, she does not let her visual impairment hold her back and that has most certainly been in evidence over the last 100 days, as Hester has tried 100 mainstream and adaptive sports.

Over the last 3 months, Hester has attempted sports ranging from horse-riding to fencing to indoor skydiving and even the skeleton bob at the University of Bath’s facility. Today, Hester’s challenge culminated in an energetic and closely fought quidditch match with her Year 6 classmates on The Paragon’s front lawn.

Wow! What an amazing achievement! Hester has shown a huge amount of focus and determination to see the challenge through to the end and in the process has not only raised a huge sum of funds for her team, but has had the opportunity to try some weird and wonderful sports. When Hester let us know she wanted to finish her challenge with a game of quidditch we quickly swotted up on the rules, but what a great way to round off the challenge!

Toby Goodman, Director of Sport at The Paragon

“I have had a brilliant summer trying loads of new sports. I really wanted to show that just because I can't see doesn't mean I can't join in most sports. I have met some really amazing and inspiring people and found some sports that I would really like to keep doing,” comments Hester. “I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me in my challenge and all the people who so kindly donated money to help fund the coaching and guiding costs for my ski team. It has been so much fun that I am a bit sad that it is over. I will look forward to my next challenge!”  

Hester has far exceeded her original fundraising target and donations continue to come in. We have no doubt that this is just the start of even greater things for Hester and we can’t wait to see how far she can go with her skiing.