ISI Inspection

The Paragon inspection results are exceptional. The report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate awards the school the highest grades in all aspects of school life. It is extremely rare for a school to achieve the top marks in every category and The Paragon is one of only a handful of schools in the South West to have a achieved a 'clean sweep'.

During the summer term 2011, the inspectors examined the eight broad areas of school life as well as reviewing the Early Years department (Nursery & Reception). The grades used by the ISI are: 1. Excellent 2. Good 3. Satisfactory 4. Unsatisfactory.

The Paragon's results are outstanding and show a significant improvement to the results from the last inspection in 2007.

  1. The quality of pupil's achievements and their learning, attitudes and skills: Excellent. 'The overall achievement of pupils of all abilities is excellent at all ages ... achievement in English and Mathematics is particularly strong ... pupils develop excellent skills in ICT ... excellent achievement is also evident in drama, music, art and French. Pupils attain high standards in many extra-curricular activities ... most notably evident in a variety of bands and orchestras, in design and technology and sports.'
  2. The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision: Excellent. 'The school provides an excellent, broad based curriculum ... which includes much topic-based and cross curricular work which pupils say makes the subjects interesting and meaningful. The use of the woodland area ... has been a considerable enrichment to the curriculum.'
  3. The contribution of teaching: Excellent. 'The quality of teaching is excellent ... and has significantly improved since the last inspection ... the management of behaviour is excellent ... the school has developed its assessment practice with significant success ... marking is of a very high quality.'
  4. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils: Excellent.'Charitable giving is a strong feature of the school ... pupils develop an excellent social awareness ... staff are excellent role models and pupils are well behaved and courteous ... cultural development is a flourishing aspect of the school.'
  5. The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety: Excellent. 'A strong culture of praise is established ... the excellent relationship between staff and pupils is characterised by mutual respect and genuine warmth ... the school is very supportive in helping pupils feel part of the Paragon family ... the school has highly effective arrangements for promoting good behaviour.
  6. The quality of governance: Excellent. 'Governors are well informed ... they discharge their duties fully ... Governors visit the school frequently and the governing body has good insight into the working of the school.'
  7. The quality of leadership and management: Excellent. 'Managers have set a clear vision for the direction and ethos of the school and the corporate spirit of the whole staff is excellent. Staff show a justified confidence and pleasure in their work ... the school has moved significantly forward since the last inspection. A number of substantial developments have been introduced ... staff are highly committed to the school and its pupils.'
  8. The quality of link with parents, carers and guardians: Excellent. 'The school has excellent links with its parents and invites them to become involved extensively and constructively in the life of the school ... parents' responses to the pre-inspection questionnaire show strong enthusiasm for the school ... a well established and very active parents' committee contributes to the school ...'
  9. Effectiveness of Early Years Foundation Stage: Excellent. 'The overall effectiveness of the setting is outstanding. Teachers provide well conceived tasks that stimulate children and meet their needs very effectively ... the caring environment ensures a warm family atmosphere ... leadership and management are outstanding ... children's behaviour is exemplary ... they make significant gains in their knowledge ... their social and communication skills are outstanding.'
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