Design & Technology

Designing something for somebody for some purpose.

At The Paragon School our aim is to develop the skills that enable every child to live and work in a natural and man-made world that is evolving all the time. We provide problem-solving experiences to inspire children to make functional products. They are given challenges that are carefully structured to develop creativity and perseverance. There are so many cross-curricular links and children quickly learn that D&T will always involve some maths, science and art because it simply can’t stand alone.

Whilst at The Paragon the children have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including mechanisms, food technology, construction and textiles. Children delight in seeing their innovations develop. During each project they learn to work together, work alone, think, design, repair, strengthen and evaluate as they explore possibilities. We encourage the children to think about important issues such as sustainability and enterprise.

Whether using our workshop in the woods or designing products on screen to be printed on our 3D printer, pupils are given exciting, open-ended challenges which encourage them to 'think outside the box' whilst acquiring a wide range of practical skills.