Expressing yourself out loud and in action.

Every Paragon pupil has the opportunity to shine, from our Pre-Prep pupils who perform in a Nativity play each year, through musical theatre performances in the lower Prep school years to the Year 5 and 6’s two act musical, held in the Julian Slade Theatre at our senior school, Prior Park College.

In 2019/20, we are delighted to be working with the egg theatre in Bath. Our youngest Squirrels pre-schoolers are collaborating on an Early Years Christmas production aplty named 'Squirrel' which will be shown at the theatre through December. Practioners from the theatre will come to The Paragon for World Book Day as well as producing a 'Play in a Week' with Year 3 in May 2020.  Through participation in productions pupils understand commitment, patience, empathy, teamwork, and ultimately success and pride as they entertain and learn. As they progress, the children can choose to entertain the audiences on stage or opt to become involved back stage directing the lighting, organising the props or overseeing the sound.

In Drama lessons, pupils in Years 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to let their imagination run and their creativity flourish. Drama offers children the chance to develop skills in a different way to those in academic subjects and is a great way of developing a pupil’s self-confidence and also team-building skills within a small group.

The pupils work through many different aspects of drama, such as improvisation and role-play; they also apply these skills to current issues or topics from other lessons. It is a powerful means of educating pupils in an energetic and creative way, allowing each and every child to thrive in an environment which is enormous fun. In other year groups, drama goes hand in hand with English as the children learn to express themselves with confidence and conviction.

Extracurricular drama is also popular and provides the opportunity for pupils to take LAMDA exams with group or individual performances.