Allowing children to hold the whole world in their hands.

Paragon pupils are taught Geography though a variety of topics. Led by the children’s natural curiosity, Geography lessons explore the differences and similarities between people and places on a local and global scale. Geography allows children to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the world, its environments and economies, whilst promoting global citizenship. 

Strong cross-curricular links are developed through practical activities, outdoor learning and fieldwork. Children are taught to communicate their knowledge in a variety of forms including writing and drawing, creating diagrams, maps and ICT presentations. 

At Pre-Prep level pupils study topics such as Africa, the Great Outdoors and Island Communities (inspired by the Katie Morag stories). The Prep Department begin to look at aspects of Geography more deeply: to explore the formation of rocks and minerals, investigate transport and industry in the local area and develop an understanding of how human activities can contribute to changes in our environment.  

Academic Life Geography