History? – it’s on our doorstep!

It's not hard to find the past at The Paragon - we're based in a Georgian family house within walking distance of Bath's Roman remains and excellent museums. We use all these available resources, and more, to help children discover what life was like long ago; bringing the past alive.

Throughout the course of the children’s time in the Pre-Prep, they are encouraged to handle artefacts, pictures and photographs; progressing to maps, documents and architectural and environmental clues. They learn history through cross-curricular topics such as castles and dinosaurs; events such as The Great Fire of London and famous people in history such as Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong.

Each year, Prep children study a local, a national and an international historical topic, learning from a variety of sources. Local topics include the History of Transport in Bath and Bristol’s influence in the growth of the Slave Trade. National topics vary from the Roman invasion of Britain to post-war Britain and international history includes learning about the Aztec Tribe of Mesoamerica and World War Two.

A generation which ignores history has no past and no future.

Robert Heinlei