Religious Education

What are the important festivals of the Christian year? What is it like to do the Hajj to Mecca? What were the miracles of Jesus? Why is the festival of Hanukkah important?

These questions give a flavour of some of the topics covered in Religious Education at The Paragon. Good RE lessons are essential to help a child to understand the world around us and to respect other people’s beliefs. As a Christian school, our lessons focus on Christianity and we study in detail the actions and messages of Christ. Further to this, though, we look in detail at all of the world’s major religions. Our approach to teaching RE is lively, engaging and interactive.

To enhance the RE curriculum further, children visit local churches, mosques and synagogues. The school year is punctuated by major Christian events, such as the Carol Service, Nativity Play and Easter and assemblies can reflect further on stories from the bible and messages for modern life.

The subject is broad, colourful and fascinating. It is also an incredibly important one in multi-cultural Britain.

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