Clubs and societies

From Pottery to Chess, Samba Band to Philosophy Club, every child can venture on a journey of discovery!

Outside the classroom

A variety of exciting clubs are on offer to all throughout the academic year to give your child the opportunity to explore each subject out of the classroom setting. Our extra-curricular activities range from pottery and chess to sewing club and Samba Band with over 65 clubs which run throughout the year at lunchtime and after school so the children can enjoy variety. For the majority of activities the emphasis is on enjoyment and exploring new interests. Some of the clubs are by invitation only; this enables us to provide the children with opportunities appropriate for their level. Art clubs are offered for children in Years 1-6 and are hugely popular. All clubs are advertised to parents termly, by email, and the art clubs operate on a sign-up rotation to ensure that all pupils wanting to, can join at some point during the school year. 

Our clubs can be categorized into those that are more creative, more active, involve music and drama, or provide challenge and knowledge. See the subsections below for further details.

The locally renowned children's events and entertainment company SuperPirates runs our after school wraparound care. This club operates from dismissal time until 6pm. Visit our wrap around care page for further information.  The clubs list for Summer 2023 can be found here.  


Art and Creative: 

Music & Drama:


Challenge & Knowledge