Cookery School

Cookery Club at The Paragon

"Your Cookery School is my daughter's favourite holiday club, and we always look forward to the delicious treats that she brings home with her!" happy parent

Cookery Club summer 2023: get creative in the kitchen. Open to children from all schools in Years 1-6. 

The Paragon’s Head of Computing is a whizz in the kitchen, and whips up new and delightful experiences for children during the holidays. Choose from three delicious days this summer: Foods from Around the World, A Baking Day and Unicorn Foodie Experience.

Veggie sushi, Moroccan couscous and American chocolate chip cookies will be created on the trip around the globe, and croissants and lemon drizzle cake on Baking Day1. On Baking Day 2 (an extra day due to popular demand) children will make a chocolate chip loaf cake and jam tarts. Budding chefs get to unleash their inner sparkle on Unicorn Foodie Experience day, when they will bake unicorn-themed cake pops, whizz up a magical strawberry milkshake and craft savoury magical wands. 

Bring your own aprons and Tupperware to take goodies home – the rest is provided in the cost of the day.

10th July: Foods from Around the World; 17th July: A Baking Day; 18th July: An extra Baking Day due to popular demand: 24th July: Unicorn Foodie Experience. £50 per day. 9.30am – 3.00pm. Book now