Year 5 at PGL Liddington

Year 5 at PGL Liddington

"I had the best time of my life" and "Can we go back?" were just two of the happy pieces of feedback that we received from Year 5 pupils on their journey back from PGL Liddington on Tuesday this week. 

A little closer to home than our usual venture to Osmington Bay, the centre didn't disappoint. Following an early start and a delicious cooked breakfast, the children were excited to commence activities; braving the Big Swing, conquering the assault course and attempting the Crate Challenge in teams. Several pupils who had vowed not to try the swing, overcame their fears and couldn't be prised away when they had to move on to their next activity!

Water sports in the afternoon came as a welcome relief in the hot weather, particularly when most of the kayaks capsized and another team had incredible success with 'Jacob's Ladder' with a couple of children conquering their fear of heights completely and almost reaching the top. 

In the cool of the evening, the pupils collected firewood for a camp fire to round off the day. 

On Tuesday, the children participated in the Sensory Trail which involved wearing blackout goggles and navigating through a sensory course with everyone helping each other by giving oral instructions only, and then further attempts at Jacob's Ladder - the scale of which is as high as our school building!

A gallery of images from the residential can be viewed here.