A Greyhound Assembly

We were very lucky to be joined by six very special guests in our Monday assembly this week. Mrs James volunteers for the charity Forever Hounds, and she brought in her very own rescued Greyhound Honey, as well as five other beautiful Hounds who have been fostered or adopted.

We learned that Greyhounds have a very special place in history, they have been around for roughly 3500 years. The ancient Egyptians owned them (and mummified them!) and they make an appearance on carvings on the inside of tombs in the ancient pyramids. They have been owned by nobility and royalty throughout time because of their gentle nature, sensitivity and reliability as hunting partners, and it would have been a punishable offence to harm one.

Because of their speed and agility, these dogs are now bred to race, but many of them need new homes when their racing careers are over. Mrs James explained that Forever Hounds match every dog very carefully with a new owner, and that her cat who is very happy around dogs, is used as a 'test cat' to find out if current pets can live happily alongside a Greyhound.

Our Paragon Way winners were delighted to have their photos taken alongside the Greyhounds and their owners!