A visit from the Fire Brigade!

We were so excited to find out that firefighters and no less than two fire engines from the Bath Fire Station were coming to visit us on Wednesday morning this week. In Squirrels, our topic has been 'People who help us' and so far we have learned all about doctors and farmers as well as the emergency services.

The fire crew were so informative and children were able to hold a thermal imaging camera, which they were told would help fire fighters find people even if a room was dark and full of smoke. One of the firemen demonstrated how quickly he needed to put on full protective gear, including breathing apparatus which would last for up to half an hour, and then the children climbed aboard the fire engine to explore.

Finally, each Squirrel had a go at aiming water with the fire hose, and it was such a sunny day that they each made a beautiful rainbow!

It was the perfect end to a very exciting topic.