An Early Years Maths Day

This week, whilst children in the Prep were away on their residential trips - the Early Years classes had an exciting day of Maths exploration. Dressed in spots and stripes, we started the day talking about patterns and shapes which are key areas of our Early Years maths curriculum. 

Ten activities were set out around the Reception classrooms and garden and each group worked their way around activities throughout the morning. There were puzzle games, dexterity and balance challenges, a game involving finding the correct key to fit a set of locks, and a target practice game, perfect for such a sunny day, where the children fired a water pistol at the correct answer to a sum.  Many of the challenges also helped the children develop other skills such as their gross and fine motor development. Crossing an obstacle course to find the shape you need is more tricky if you have to balance too! A favourite was weighing ingredients for biscuits .... and then of course eating them!