Bringing Alive the Year 4 Trip in Assembly

Today, Class 4H brought to life their trip to Naturesbase in a very entertaining way in assembly. They were open about their fears before the trip, the things they liked, the things they learned about themselves and their classmates and how they overcame their anxieties.

For many years now Year 4 have gone away to Naturesbase in West Wales for their Residential Trip. It is an ideal place to go for the children's first over-night school trip: it is a small-holding in the pretty countryside, only one school goes at a time and, best of all, we camp! The idea of Naturesbase is a simple but successful recipe. It is a place for children to escape the modern trappings of modern childhood, the TVs and screens and instead to return back to basics and have simple pleasures with natural things. The children love being outside all day and sleeping outside and come back in a happy state of exhaustion. They love the activities, such using natural materials (sticks, stones, clay from the stream, grasses and plants) to make natural dens. They love learning to use maps and to go orienteering and collect stamps. A day at the beach is always a favourite and for some children it is the first time that they have ever been crabbing and who can forget making pizzas in cob ovens.  

Naturesbase is a place where children develop. Some children face fears and overcome them. Some relish the opportunity to camp and be away from home. For some it is a learning curve; just being able to keep their things in a tidy manner can be a huge challenge. One thing is always certain, the children learn a lot about themselves and have great fun in the process.

Nb Tw2

Ava: It wasn’t a big fear, but I thought I might lose something when I was there.

Ted: I was worried that Bob (my brother) might not get to sleep without me.

Anoushka: I was worried that I might forget something before we went to Naturesbase…something vital like a Teddybear!

Max: I was scared that I might miss my big sister, Kitty…but then I remembered that I don’t like her!...just kidding…I do like her!

Alexa: I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep in my tent and that I’d miss my parents.

Jacob & Mani: We enjoyed stamp-collecting around the farm

Ruby & Oli: We enjoyed feeding the animals.

Ted: I liked catching an eel at the beach.

Jack & Felix: We loved making pizzas in a cob oven

Max & Rory: We found crabbing at the beach to be great fun.

Nico: My favourite activity was making crab theme parks. Ours was called ‘Crab Claw Mania’.