Dancing Queens complete a 24 hour Danceathon!

Our very own dancing divas, Mrs Braithwaite and Ms Perrin, boogied through the day and night on Friday 18th October in a 24 hour Danceathon, to raise money for the Forever Friends Appeal at the RUH. The school disco conveniently shared the same date and so children were delighted when the dancers made an appearance in the school hall and they were then supported through the night by family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and even a dancing Pepper the dog! The money raised will help to improve resources and the environment at the local hospital, to help children engage with and enjoy their therapy. Mrs Braithwaite thanked all of their supporters and said that the unconditional support and craziness that they received for the duration of the event was incredible. To donate visit https://bit.ly/2Mmn4XW

The Danceathon begins!