Father Friday Fun

It was a hive of activity this morning in the Pre-Prep when we welcomed many dads and grandfathers to The Paragon for 'Father Friday'. 

In Squirrels Nursery and Reception, dads enjoyed tea parties, hand printing, building towers, creating boats to float on a mini lake, and reading with their children, whilst in Year 1, they enjoyed outdoor learning, creating their own Stick Man and writing an adventure for him to go on in the autumn sunshine. Mrs Kettlety then taught them a Stick Man song to complete their morning.

Year 2 children had designed their own satellites earlier in the week, and today's challenge was to build them in a junk modelling activity - it all got very industrious (and competitive!) and the results were fantastic, the children took it in turns with their dad to talk to the class about their model.

Thank you to everyone who came along - we thoroughly enjoyed the morning.