Joyful Noise success at Mid-Somerset Festival

Joyful Noise, The Paragon's audition choir, and Mrs Kettlety were delighted to be presented with a trophy yesterday for their performance of 'The Coffee Canon' and 'Shalom Chaverim' at the Mid-Somerset Festival. The category was called the 'Roundabout' which meant that classes could perform two rounds of contrasting mood, and perform without piano accompaniment. The adjudicator praised the choir for being 'rhythmically accurate, watching their conductor well, and singing well in unison' - his final comment: 'You are doing good things!'.

The choir also sang 'Feed the birds' from Mary Poppins and Drunken Sailor, a round in which they came second out of four choirs. Director of Music, Sarah Kettlety said,  "as usual the children did me and The Paragon proud.  They weren't phased at all by the big stage and sang the songs with passion and feeling.  What a great team!"