Kindness Workshop and Crazy Hair Day with charity '52 Lives'

We were delighted to welcome Greig Trout from our chosen charity '52 Lives' today, when he came to run kindness workshops with children in the Prep.

The charity promotes Kindness and helps to change lives 52 weeks of the year, and  Greig showed the children how small acts of kindness from us can make a huge difference to the lives of others. For instance, the money that was raised at school before Christmas, and the cards that children created, were given to a shelter for the homeless, meaning that gifts could be purchased for those who would not usually receive anything. Today, all children created friendly messages of support in the form of cards, games, even a mini theatre and a video message for an 8 year boy called Finley who has disabilities and is also a carer for his mother.

As an extra fundraising initiative, Paragon children came to school with crazy hair - we even had a Unicorn and a very creative hairstyle which involved a plate of fruit balanced on the head!

Greig's message is very apt for Valentine's Day when we might all reflect on the importance of showing kindness in today's society and how it can benefit us all both physically and emotionally.