Mr Mead comes back to school

Former Paragon pupil, Tom Mead, returned to the Paragon last week to meet Year Five and share with them his knowledge and experience in illustrations.

Mr Mead is an artist who admires the surreal and otherworldly sides of art. He uses a traditional drawing technique working with fine liners, dip pen, markers and ink.

His terror and intrigue for animals dressed as humans stems from his memories of Reginald Mills’ 1976 ballet film, “The Tales of Beatrix Potter” which he was forced to watch as a child, little did he know that it would be informing his work to this day...

Deciding to embrace his fear, he has over the years found a passion for creating dark inhuman characters blending the animal, human and mechanic, a super species he nicknames ‘Bio-Mechanical-Anthropomorphism’.

His latest book is a spooky looking book, Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, comes out on Halloween and features glow in the dark monsters - and this really impressed Year Five.

With the children he talked about the importance of mark making, and shared his ideas on designing and formulating character. The nine and ten year olds under his guidance then selected an animal and started drawing. We look forward to seeing how they turn out!