Prior Park College DT department make masks for NHS

Many independent schools across the region are working over the Easter holidays to provide essential equipment for frontline NHS workers. Science departments are providing goggles and gloves from their stocks and DT departments are making face visors. 

In the last three days, the DT department within Prior Park College has made 500 single use face visors (with cardboard head bands) for the RUH, and over 500 plastic framed face visors, which are being delivered to local GP surgeries, health centres and care homes.

The single use visors were made with the help of the Prior community after a plea for help with assembling the masks went out through the College Facebook pages. The response was phenomenal. Kits were dropped off at 'out worker' houses and then collected a few hours later so that completed visors were delivered to the RUH the same day. 

The plastic visors are made from polypropylene and the removable face shield is made using an A4 PVC binding cover. By using plastic based materials it is hoped that these can be cleaned and reused. Prior Park has used its entire stock of materials but have more on order to continue production over the Easter holidays.

Head of DT at Prior Park, Nr Faulkner commented: "We just want to do all we can to help during this crisis. The feedback has been overwhelming! I personally have taken phone calls for support from all around the country and have shared the cutting files and designs with company’s in Kent, Manchester and even America!"

A funding page has been set up to pay for more materials and already over £1000 has been donated,
A video showing how the visors are made can be viewed here: