Extreme weather update

The Paragon will be open on 4th February. 


We would like to inform you of our procedures in the event of extreme weather, in case there is a significant snowfall at some point this winter.

  • Unless there is a heavy snowfall we aim to keep the school open, although a limited service may be available. 
  • If snow falls during the night, we post information stating whether the school is open or closed, on the school website's homepage by 7.00am, send a message via the Parents’ App, and also send an email. If parents are unable to access this information, they will no doubt be able to make their own decision as to whether to start travelling to school.
  • If the school day is in session and extreme weather hits us in the course of the day, we will keep all the children safe and maintain classroom activities. Parents may collect children before the end of the school day if they feel this is better for them and that local conditions demand this, but it is vital that the receptionist is informed. In this case we will provide an update on the website, by text and email.