The 2019 Paragon Talent Show

The 2019 Paragon School Talent Show took place last night and pupils wowed the judges and parents with their performances! The finalists' acts ranged from a 'feather dance' where peacock feathers were balanced precariously, speedy Rubik's cube solving, singing and dancing, hilarious comedy and talented musicians playing a variety of instruments.The judges had a very difficult job indeed making their final decision.  In third place were Rio and Holly with their comedy act, in second place, Sam and Stan for their super cool electric guitar accompaniment to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and in first place: Mimi and Eden for their harmonies and when singing 'Shallows' and Izzy and Eve for their vocals in their 'Singing Medley'.  

Well done to all the finalists who took part and to Ava, Eliza, Flossy, Jess and Sofia who organised the event.  Thank you also to the parents for supporting the night and for helping to raise money for The Paragon school charity, 52 Lives.