The Desk Tidy Mood Light

Year 5 have enjoyed some 'dazzling design' time in the Design & Technology Workshop this week, creating their own desk tidy mood lights.

Working with Mr Faulkner and Mr Moore and assisted by Prior students, the ten year olds spent an afternoon creating their masterpieces. They gained experience of several processes including sublimation printing, 3D printing, vacuum forming, fusing plastic - liquid cement, line bending, laser cutting and engraving, sanding, cutting and using computer aided design software. Of course, work of this nature wouldn't have been possible without an understanding of workshop safety.

The children listened carefully to the instructions, watched intently as they were shown how to do it and they worked independently on their designs and constructions. It was a wonderful afternoon and the results are dazzling!

Dt Final

I loved using the equipment.

The combination was good - design first, upstairs and then the machinery work downstairs.