The Paragon and Bath's egg theatre team up for a year-long project

The Paragon is delighted to announce a year-long partnership with Bath's egg theatre, which will see the staff and pupils involved in creating professional theatre pieces for the egg, as well as providing workshops and events for Paragon pupils.

Parents of pre-schoolers at The Paragon will know that during the summer term, the children participated in sessions with Kate Cross MBE, Director of the egg, and Tim Bell, the egg's Creative Producer, developing ideas for the Christmas production 'Squirrel' which will be performed at the egg in December. As part of the project, the children searched for squirrels in the woodland surrounding the school, exploring their habitation, and they also created puppet squirrels and stories about them. These activities will continue througout the Autumn term, forming the basis of the professional production which will also give the children the opportunity to work with Caroline Garland, a member of Bath's Kilter Theatre, previously seen onstage at the egg, in the acclaimed Little Mermaid.   

Kate Cross says, "We cannot think of a better, nor more beautiful venue than The Paragon School at which to explore children's responses to squirrels, nature and acorns. Being able to explore theatrical ideas with children from the Pre-School means that in the final production, all the fascinations, impulses and brilliant ideas from such curious minds can be addressed."

Mrs James, Head of Pre-Prep says "The Paragon is delighted to be working in collaboration with the egg to produce Squirrel this Christmas. It is a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to be invoved in theatre from such a young age. As a creative school which embraces outdoor education, working with the egg on this project is the perfect fit."

As part of the collaboration, Year 3 will produce a Play-in-a-Week' in May, and practitioners will also visit us on World Book Day in March.

We have two private viewings of Squirrel on 7th and 14th December. If parents would like tickets, please email: