The Paragon celebrates World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day

Yesterday at the Paragon we celebrated World Philosophy Day.  Since 2002, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) have appointed the 3rd Thursday of every November as World Philosophy Day.  UNESCO, whose motto is ‘Building peace in the minds of men and women’, believe that Philosophy is an inspiring subject that can transform societies, making them more tolerant and respectful. At our school we wholeheartedly agree!

Throughout the day, lessons started with a philosophical question, such as ‘Can a number be lucky?’ in Maths or ‘Does Art make the world a better place?’ in Art.  Outside of lessons, our school was festooned with giant thought bubbles containing deep and meaningful questions for both adults and children to ponder at their leisure. During lunch time, more philosophical questions such as ‘Can kindness change the world?’ were displayed so that we could have a philosophical chat whilst dining.

Lastly, so that all our families could be part of World Philosophy Day, children took home with them a ‘Dinner Plate Debate’.  This contained a philosophical question starter, main course and dessert, to be shared and enjoyed around the dinner table with loved ones.