We're hatching Chicks in Reception!

Last week, staff, children and parents were very excited when two incubators arrived at school from the Chicken School in Swindon, each with ten eggs that were due to hatch within the next few days. It was so exciting to come to school the next day to find that two of the chicks had hatched overnight - both of which were identified as the Silver Grey Dorking breed. As the week progressed, it was a busier classroom than usual as parents popped in to meet new arrivals, and children were able to name each one and to watch the chicks progress very quickly - from fragile newborns to feisty characters.

This week, children are able to hold a chick before they return to the farm on Thursday, and they are writing all about them as part of their project on growth and development.

To find out about the onward journey of the chicks - visit website: chickenschool.co.uk/where-do-the-chicks-go