WW2 Veteran, Pilot, Winter Olympian, Cricketer, Groundsmen, Gentleman

In class this week, Year 5 were fortunate enough to welcome, Ed Meddings to The Paragon. Ed is a war veteran and was also one of the Great British Bob Sleigh team in the 1948 Winter Olympics!

Ed spoke to us about his experiences in the war as a RAF pilot and the pupils were given the opportunity to ask a wide range of questions to him. He saw action in WWII and then flew on the Berlin Airlift. A modest man, he gave a detailed account of his experiences as a pilot initially with Coastal Command and then on the Airlift. It was incredible to hear his first hand accounts of the war; a truly remarkable man. This personal insight is valuable for the pupils as they embark upon their new topic on World War Two, where they will be learning about various aspects, including how the conflict started, Hitler, the blitz and women's roles within the war. 

Ed is extremely popular and well respected chap, particularly at Hinton Cricket Club where, age 95, he still ensures the grounds are ready for every game. Thank you Ed for coming to share your experiences with the children.