A WWII Workshop for Year 5

What a fantastic experience Year 5 had during their World War II workshop this week. Children had the option of dressing up as anyone from that period and most embraced the challenge. We had land girls, soldiers, various people involved in the home front and even the odd evacuee!

Our two visitors provided a workshop which allowed the children to handle real artefacts. These included using an old sewing machine which was used to create ‘make do’ dresses from scrap material. The children were able to use an old type writer and telephone to communicate with one another. They also heard about real life experiences from people whose relatives had been directly involved in the war.

The pupils had a really good go at code breaking and made a great success of unscrambling secret messages - some would have made excellent contenders for Bletchley Park!

After lunch, the pupils looked at various war propaganda and were able to compare the different perspectives from both sides. This helped them to understand that an event can be described in an  entirely different way according to which side the reporter supports.

The pupils’ learning was enriched by the array of resources that the workshop provided and by the personal anecdotes that the two leaders were able to tell. Pupils embraced all the day and completed  their tasks with aplomb!