Smartphone Free Childhood

Smartphone Free Childhood is a grassroots movement of parents who believe that childhood is too short to be spent on a smartphone. This page provides a platform for SFC Paragon to share resources and information with interested parents. 

We're on a mission to: 

  • Bring parents together to start new and positive conversations about the problems of smartphones in childhood
  • Empower parents to take collective action in their local communities - agreeing to delay giving their children smartphones until at least 14
  • Demonstrate that parents are demanding change at scale, and therefore force the government and tech companies to act

Why we're doing this now:

We’ve been put in an impossible position by the tech companies. It’s a lose lose - either allow our children access to something all the evidence tells us is damaging, or say no and risk alienating them among their peers at a crucial stage of their social development. We believe something needs to change, and it starts with all of us.

How you can get involved - #CHANGETHENORM

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