Forest Fridays

We love to spend time in the school woods, discovering and exploring the world around us.

Squirrels - and The Paragon at large - is passionate about outdoor learning and transferring the children's learning into a different stimulating environment. We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of their development.

During the week, the children have the chance to go out into our school grounds for focused activities; concentrating on something specific, like making a stick man or looking at the changing seasons. 

On Fridays their adventures into the woodlands are a chance for the children to lead with the staff responding to their ideas and inquisitive natures.

Our youngest children will most likely be found building dens, listening to the birds singing, stomping in streams, examining worms, singing songs, planting bulbs, collecting berries, counting feathers. These woodland wanderings help the children develop in many areas, including curiosity, confidence and teamwork.

From the EYFS onwards, all pupils benefit from working in their natural surroundings, gathering inspiration through such tasks as exploring the woodland to understand how Lucy may have felt when she entered Narnia for the first time.

ISI Inspection Report - Sept 2017
F44 A0968