The Paragon is  a Prior Park Educational Trust School

Our Mission:

To  steward a thriving family of communities with love for the young people they serve at their heart. Communities which cultivate creativity, foster integrity and transform lives. 

Our Trust Values are: 

Curiosity - Generosity - Courage 

Through five core strategic strands we deliver for each child, ensuring their experience is aligned to our vision for their journey of limitless discovery. 

  • Wellbeing for Life - our deeply embedded and proactive pastoral approach provides each child with the self-worth and inner belief to grow into the best version of themselves. 
  • Expansive Opportunity - Our rich variety of clubs and activities build character and accomplishment, igniting a spark of curiosity and endeavour which stays with the children for life. 
  • Outward Looking, Globally Aware - Our connections with our community encourage outward looking and globally aware children, invested in becoming changemakers of the future. 
  • Boundless Outdoor Adventure - Our magical woodlands provide an abundance of challenge for young explorers, as part of a pioneering outdoor education programme. 
  • Individual Academic Growth - In aspiring for excellence, each child blossoms beyond expectations, building their capacity and capability for learning and embedding a growth mindset

Our Vision

The Paragon journey is one of limitless discovery. Each child enjoys a fully immersive educational experience, rooted in our school values whilst exploring and developing their attributes as learners. Adventures are wide and varied, centering on the beauty and joy of childhood alongside preparation for the world beyond. Click here to view our Vision Document 

Our Values

Our school values are rooted in the Christian faith, recognising that they are also human values which span everyone in our community of all faiths and those of none. These underpin all of our thoughts, words and actions at The Paragon, and provide the children with a set of core values to act as their guiding light through their time at school and beyond. These values are: 

  • Kindness 

  • Compassion

  • Honesty

  • Self-Belief

  • Aspiration