Why The Paragon?

Academic life at The Paragon cultivates a love of learning and encourages independent and creative thinking. Our results are impressive. Our children consistently achieve well above the national average and many win senior school scholarships. We work closely with Prior Park to support the children's progress and transition to our senior school. But we think our attraction as a school lies in far more than just our academic success.

We see our job as preparing children for life with all its opportunities and challenges - building the high self-esteem, strong moral values and sense of social responsibility that will help them grow into adults that succeed in the widest possible sense. Far from holding parents at arm's length, we encourage you to get involved - to join our Mums' hockey or Dads' football teams or to lead an assembly talking about your job, your hobby or whatever you feel passionate about.

We don't want The Paragon to feel like an 'island' cut off from the real world. Quite the reverse. So we often invite locals - our postman, a nurse or an underwater cameraman - into class and we regularly take children out into the community, for example, to sing carols or give a concert at our local old people's home. By doing so, we help children develop an awareness of the wider world and the confidence to believe that they can play a part, however small, in making it a better place.

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Blending education with being a child and having fun.

Paragon parent survey, July 2016