A Family School

The Paragon is a welcoming school. 

From the moment your child arrives at our school, they become part of our family. We learn together and we care for each other. Our teachers are as committed to the welfare of the children as they are to their academic attainment and we work hard to make The Paragon feel like home. We provide an environment that is warm, caring and supportive. We know that this kind of family atmosphere makes the children feel safe and helps them become more confident learners.  

And because we’re a family school, everyone is welcome to participate. The children, their siblings, parents and staff enjoy plenty of events and activities throughout the year.

For those joining our community we provide a buddy family with a child in the same year group. That way, new parents can make connections here before their child’s first day and know there’ll be a familiar face when term starts.  

As well as the sports days, school plays and concerts, we hold special events for family members to join their children at school. Expect an invite to Father Friday or Grandparents' Tea! If you’re feeling sporty, there’s often netball, football or parent and staff tag rugby to get involved in.  

We love to see our parents in the classroom too. If you do an interesting job or have an unusual hobby, please do share it with us. The children enjoy seeing their parents at the front of the room, even if they pretend they don’t! 

Of course, we have an active Parent Teacher Association and new members are always welcome to get involved.

The size means there is a family feel for the children.

Paragon Parent Survey, July 2016