Challenge and Knowledge

Different ways to stretch the mind including:

Chess Club: An opportunity for students in Years 2 to 6 to learn the skills and tactics required for chess from our International Master. The Chess Squad will be selected and have the opportunity to work towards various chess tournaments.

Fun Science: Each session is delivered by a highly trained Fun Scientist and will be full of hands-on educational activities, giving children the opportunity to delve deeper into science. Each term will be a different year group.

Mandarin Club: The children learn Mandarin vocabulary and phrases by playing fun games. Each lesson begins with Tai Chi (it's calming and aids focus)!

Story Club: A fun club for children in Reception to Year 2 where they can listen to and be engaged by exciting stories.

Computer Coding: This provides children in Year 5 & 6 with an opportunity to develop their understanding of the principles of computer coding, building on work undertaken in class. Children will gain experience of a range of programming languages and utilise programmes such as 'Scratch' and 'Hackety Hack.

Spanish Club: Teaching the children Spanish vocabulary and phrases by playing fun games, inside and out.

Touch Typing: This club enables children in Years 3-6 to improve their keyboard skills and learn how to 'touch type' using a range of online and other practical resources.

Why Paragon Challenge Knowledge