Pastoral Care

We know that caring for our pupils and fostering an environment that is supportive, encouraging and warm, makes learning easier. Our students feel well looked after and secure which means they are more likely to come to us for help with a problem. Our strong relationships with parents enable us to discover any difficulties quickly and work together to resolve them.

Our house system encourages a sense of belonging for our children. Each Prep child is allocated to a house and siblings will always belong to the same house. Pancake races, quizzes and sporting activities encourage friendly competition between houses, and the children can also win house points for good behaviour, academic effort and achievement. The house system gives all our students the opportunity to represent their house, make friends with children in different year groups, and learn the fundamental skills of teamwork.

We also encourage the children to take on pastoral responsibility for their peers. Each class has a prefect, chosen from the eldest year group, to support and advise them. In addition, our school council gives the children a direct experience of democratic elections and representation. The council meets monthly with the Headmaster to discuss their ideas for improving the school.

Our code of conduct is very important to us. It reinforces the school’s philosophy and encourages constructive, positive behaviours and a harmonious community. We call it The Paragon Way characterised by the following points:

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Forgive
  • Share
  • Be Honest
  • Listen
  • Show good manners
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Be your best self

Pupils' individual progress at all ages is carefully monitored by leadership allowing informed decisions to be made on the need for any additional resources or support.

ISI Inspection Report - Sept 2017
F44 A0459