We often ask Paragon parents and pupils for their thoughts on school life, these are some of the encouraging comments that we received:

What does The Paragon do well? Creates a love of learning, develops self-esteen through extra curricular activities like music, art and sports and helps my child excel academically. Paragon parent

“You don’t need an inspector’s report to see that school is thriving, the staff committed, the children inspired, the parents engaged and the atmosphere vibrant. We could not be happier with our decision and nor could our children. You have a very special school that our family looks forward to being part of for the next five years.” Keith Banks

"Music at The Paragon ultimately set me on my life course, from the skills and discipline learnt, to the confidence gained, to the lasting friendships and contacts made. I can never be thankful enough for that." Chris, Former Pupil, now aged 26.

"Angelina and I can not put into words the wonderful time that our son Andrew has had at your school. He has learnt a great deal and made great friends. Academically he has advanced beyond our expectations. We will miss the Paragon with all our hearts. Thank you for making this a very special year." Brett Davies

"The Paragon is such an exciting place to be, its original, creative and child centred approach makes me wish I were school age again. The nurturing ethos is really special, all of the children are made to feel appreciated for their own skills and abilities. There's a real energy about the place, exciting things can happen." Chloe Scotland, Y4 Mum

"If someone said 'What is your school like?' I would say 'Brilliant!'." Alex 6

"I am a strong advocate for the school. I've recommended it to a number of families. When we moved from London, we had no network of friends or colleagues and The Paragon quickly became a social hub not just for the children but also for us as parents - the mums' choir, dads' football, donut Thursdays, and importantly the culture of playing in the playground after school made it incredibly easy for us to make friends and feel truly involved and connected to the school. The children are relaxed and happy, they run up the hill to school keen to start on whatever the day has in store. Adventuring in the woods is a great favourite but then so is chess and rugby. My 'creative' child is in seventh heaven in the Art room. My four children are all very different but have each found that The Paragon has played to their strengths and strengthened their weaknesses." Sarah Poole

"The sport is exciting, enjoyable and helps your confidence. The teachers have a lot of experience - Mrs Allenby and Miss Livingston were both in the Olympics!" Tilly, Year 5

"Liberty and Annabel settled in so well and so quickly and have absolutely loved their first term at the school. We wanted to thank you and their form teachers for making them feel so welcome and to congratulate the school on the wide range of both curriculum subjects and extra curricular activities available to them. They are loving it all!" Felicity Davies

"My love for music started at The Paragon, where I was given loads of opportunities to learn from great teachers and play in lots of different groups. Orchestra practice before school on Wednesdays was just the best start to the day and Pazazz [Paragon Jazz Band] was an inspiration, as was Mr Moore's African drumming group. I did my grade 1 on clarinet at The Paragon and am working towards my diploma now after which I hope to read music at university. I only have TP to thank for a great start." Edi, Former Pupil, now aged 17

"We like the way the school develops the 'whole' child and is not solely focused on academic achievements. Paragon children seem to be well rounded and down to earth. It's great how the different age groups mix and the older children look out for the younger ones." Mrs Chapman

"I'd like to say thank you for the way the teachers treat us and try to make us clever." Benjy, Year 2

"We have been really thrilled with the way Llewy has settled down in the school after joining in Year 3. He is always happy to go and often excited about the day ahead. The openness and friendliness was the thing that stood out for us, and set the school above others in Bath. We felt that our child would be valued as a whole child, whatever his quirks, and this has proved to be true!" Karen Godfrey

"I love learning about Egypt, it's fascinating." William Year 3

"After her first day at the Paragon School our daughter was clearly so much happier - and doing so much better - than previously. We have since chosen the Paragon for all three of our children as they receive an excellent education in a loving, caring and creative environment." Dr Dolan

"My daughter's strengths and talents have been recognised and nurtured at The Paragon." Year 5 Mum

"The atmosphere of the school is one of both fun and hard work, a difficult balance to achieve. The Paragon school has a vibrant and creative approach to learning and our children have thrived in all areas, academic, social, artistic and sport. This is a community that respects, values and encourages each child’s individuality . We have particularly been impressed by the Art at the school." Kevin and Elisabeth de Las Casas

"It has very good team spirit and the food is extremely scrumptiously nice." Jake 9

"The Paragon is great at sport. We go up to Prior and use their fab facilities." George, Year 6

"Our daughter joined year three and she has loved the school since the very first morning. She seems to sign up for everything and we are thrilled that she is so stimulated and happy at school. It’s a very busy school week for her but she loves all the varied opportunities that The Paragon is offering her." Year 4 Parent

"I like Maths! I can count to 20!" Logan, Reception Class

"We think The Paragon has a great atmosphere with lots of happy busy children full of enthusiasm and energy. Everyone seems to give 110% from the head down to nursery. As parents we are made to feel very welcome and it is easy to contact members of staff. There is good communication and the well-structured web site means that information is easily available. The staff are friendly and approachable and teach in imaginative ways. Our children really enjoy the lessons out in the woods and grounds around the school buildings. Both our children have loved the school ever since they arrived and insist that 'It is the BEST school in Bath!' " Clair & Laurence Hurst, Y3 & Y5 parents

"The school have bent over backwards to accommodate the special needs of my child." Reception Parent

"I liked learning about all the animals from other countries, especially fruit bats." Zac, Reception

“Our decision to move schools was not made lightly but we thought it necessary as our son was struggling academically and emotionally in a small, rural school with big class sizes and mixed years. This was quite upsetting for us as parents and we felt we had to change something. We had concerns about parachuting him into a small class that had already formed bonds. The Paragon teaching staff have worked hard with him and he has blossomed under the care, support and encouragement that they have shown him. The result is a much more confident child who is relishing everything the school has to offer. He is growing into an independent little boy who puts himself on the school bus at Prior in the morning without so much as a wave goodbye. I cannot thank the team enough for what they have done for our son in such a short time and we will be forever grateful.” Year 2 Dad

"Playing in the garden is the best bit. And I like playing with my friends." Kiera, Nursery

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