Trips, Visits & Special Days

We like to enrich everyday teaching with trips, visitors and special days.

We offer a diverse range of school trips which we believe enrich the learning of our pupils and enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills. Visits outside of the school are a great opportunity to develop the children's independence and consolidate the learning that takes place in the classroom. Trips to a host of local educational sites such as We the Curious, the Holburne Museum and Bath Abbey, are regularly undertaken.

In the summer term, in addition to the day trips, Year Four children embark on a short two night camping trip, Year Five engages in outward bound activities in Dorset and Year Six travel to France for a week.

We welcome guest speakers to assembly on a regular basis as well as visitors to individual classrooms. Often these are parents or friends with particular expertise who can provide that extra special bit of insight that can strike a chord with young children.

Special days are exciting. The children respond well to the focus on one topic, be it ‘Farm Day’, ‘India Day’ or ‘World War One Day’. They are an effective way of changing the teaching dynamic and make lessons memorable. Children enjoy themselves so much they often don’t even realise they are learning.

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